Open gallery: sculpture in Newham


Open gallery: sculpture in Newham

“Railway Tree” stands at the junction of the Broadway and Great Eastern Road in Stratford.

Open gallery: sculpture in Newham

Newham is home to some notable sculptures including the tallest, longest and largest of their type.

Railway Tree, Stratford

The steel girders of "Railway Tree" are shaped like railway lines and are intended to remind us of Stratford's past connection with industry and the railways.

The sculpture seeks to symbolise Stratford as a focal point of arrival and departure. Stratford’s first train station opened in 1839 along with workshops of the Eastern Counties Railway which later became the Great Eastern Railway.

Sculpted by Malcolm Robertson, the 10 metre high artwork is made up of 18 tons of rolled ‘H’ section steel. Another piece of public art created by the same sculpture, ‘Time Spiral’ stands in Maryland.