Track 12: The Journey

By / 14 January 2008

Newham residents share their thoughts and goals in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Newham residents share their thoughts and goals in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Track 12: The Journey

12 Newham people share with us their thoughts, challenges and successes as they work towards personal goals between now and the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Their stories inspire others to work towards goals for 2012 too.

Fire Stead, aged 47, from Forest Gate - Teach Latin Dance in Schools.

I am the director of 'I Love Salsa' and I teach in schools. My goals are to develop an inter-school Olympic dance competition in the run-up to the 2012 Olympic Games and bring the World Dance Championships to London in 2012. I also aim to obtain funding to train more people to teach Latin Dance as part of the PE curriculum and implement a dance studio manager system throughout schools.

Carole Myers, aged 58, from Plaistow - Starts a career in freelance design.

I am a retired teacher and have embarked on a career as a freelance designer. I endeavour to succeed in my new career and aim to retire in 2012. From the motivation I have received from the 2012 Olympics, I plan on continuing with my swimming and gym training three times a week.

Cecilia Tissari, aged 29, from Stratford - Inspire other single parents.

I am a single mother with a three-year-old daughter and I would like to be an inspiration to other single parents in Newham. Long-term, I would like to write my first novel, complete a degree in journalism and communication studies and work for a magazine or publisher. I would also like to buy a home; and do an Open University degree in Psychology.

Helen Lam, aged 22, from Plaistow - Aim to start my own events company.

I am a Newham Volunteer and having graduated with a degree in Arts and Events Management my main goal is to find a job. My long-term aspirations are to embark on a career and start a business in events management, and ensure it is involved in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Arfah Farooq, aged 17, from East Ham - Aiming to be a top designer.

My goal is to volunteer for the Olympics, to be a part of Newham's community and to make a difference in the world. I would particularly like to do something to help the homeless. As for a career, I would like to become a top interior designer. It would be great to be the first Muslim girl to have a Changing Rooms-style television show! I want to be an example to Asian families that creative jobs are not a waste of time.

Jesa Modhawadia, aged 53, from Manor Park - Aims to be an Olympics Volunteer.

I am a former postal worker who has received a bravery award. I am also a Newham Volunteer team leader and tutor. My goal is to become a volunteer for the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Farha Nekiwala, aged 17, from Manor Park - Aims to compete in the 2012 Games.

My goal is to train and compete in the 2012 Olympic Games 800m and 1500 metre running races.

Emmanuel Osei, aged 21 from North Woolwich - Be a team leader at the Games.

I am a Newham Volunteer and my main goal is to become a volunteer team leader by the 2012 Olympic Games.

Ayesha Khanom, aged 18, from Manor Park - Wants to help shape Newham.

My long-term goals are to study hard and pass my A levels, achieve a good university placement and gain a university degree; experience new things, travel, and make everyone proud of me.

I want to be prepared for failure and hardship which can happen while growing up, and I also want to have 'the best years of my life'. My aim is to show people how positive Newham is, 'big up the Newham Massive' and improve Newham overall for the better.

Abdul Chaudhari, aged 36 from East Ham - To produce Olympic champions.

My main goals are to continue to offer free professional coaching to six schools in seven different sporting events; and to produce Olympic champions from the Newham borough for all Olympic sports.

Joel Semakula, aged 18, from Stratford - Aims to become a barrister.

I am in the Army Cadets and am a child advocate for the NSPCC. My long-term goals are to complete a university degree in Law and to become a successful barrister. I describe myself as a 'young person with big dreams.'

Danaleigh Durham, aged 12, from Stratford, wants to be part of the Olympics.

I would like to join the running club at secondary school and become a runner - even the next Kelly Holmes! And be apart of the 2012 Games and 'live the dream'.

Watch this space for updates on what the Track 12 group are doing.