Great quality, bargain prices: markets in Newham


Green and red peppers from the market

Explore Newham’s mix of traditional and exotic markets

Great quality, bargain prices: markets in Newham

Newham has a mix of traditional and exotic markets. With shopping to suit all tastes and budgets; you will definitely not be disappointed.

Queen's Market

Queen's Market, Upton Park is a thriving covered street market. For over 100 years, this busy shopping area with more than 80 stalls and 60 shops has attracted locals and food buffs from London and beyond. Friendly and culturally diverse it's famous for its affordable and exotic produce from Africa, Asia and the West Indies. Items sold include fruit and vegetables, wet and dried (salt cod) fish, African fabrics, trimmings, CDs, wigs, jewellery and Indian rugs. Do visit this amazing market.

On the right from Upton Park station, before the West Ham United football stadium.

Details on development plans for Queens's Market can be found here:

East Ham Market

East Ham Market Hall is one of east London's best-kept secrets. Tucked away just off East Ham's High Street North, this well-established market offers every thing from fresh food to high street fashion at cut down prices. Ethnic fabrics, DVDs, plants and mobile phones are just some of the other bargains up for grabs. Foods for sale range from the traditional fruit and veg to okra, mouli and pomfrit.

If you are looking for something to wear to the latest festive celebration, go no further than Saleha at Zenab's Collection and Ola Adelaja at Precious Cosmetics. If all that shopping makes you peckish you can tuck into fish and chips, steak and kidney pie or traditional pie mash at cafes close by.

This cultural mash-up is just one stop from Barking, on the District line.

Stratford Market

Stratford Market is a covered market within Stratford Shopping Centre. It plays host to dozens of stalls selling everything from wet fish, fresh eggs and pickles to pet food, curtains and lingerie. Fruit and veg are sourced from nearby Spitalfields and produce is high quality.

Shops such as Boots, Tchibos, WH Smith and Sainsburys flank the stalls on both sides. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays a street market just outside the Shopping Centre sells 'dry goods' such as clothes and jewellery.

The market area is well maintained and clean and the atmosphere is bustling and friendly. The historic Stratford Theatre Royal is close by and serves delicious Afro-Caribbean food in its bar.

Rathbone Market

One of the last surviving authentic East-End markets. With sights and sounds more like a real-life Albert Square than upscale Spitalfields. The first record of Rathbone Market in Canning Town was in 1253 when Richard de Montfitchet was granted permission to hold an annual July fair. Since then Rathbone Market's fortunes have been up and down. Currently the market is included in Canning Town regeneration plans which could see it once more on the rise.

There are over 25 shops bordering the market that is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Clothes, shoes, fruit, veg, flowers and plants are sold. Food stalls sell Afro-Caribbean snacks and burgers.

There is a second-hand market on Tuesdays and Thursdays where bargain-hunters can sort through videos, crockery, cutlery and videos. Genuine antiques have been found there!

Canning Town tube and bus stations are five minutes walk away.